Four candidates file for Board of Education

Four (4) candidates have filed for election to the Pleasant Hill R-III School District Board of Education. Ryan Vescovi, Jon Mooneyham, Lori Lancaster Redwine and David Adamczyk have filed as candidates.

Current board members Ryan Vescovi, Lori Lancaster Redwine and David Adamczyk are seeking reelection and will face newcomer, Jon Mooneyham.

Filing for election closed on Tuesday, Jan. 17. The election will be held on April 4, 2017. There are three positions open for a three-year term.

1. What is the greatest strength of the Pleasant Hill School District and what is its greatest challenge?

  • Ryan Vescovi - The greatest strength of our district is our teachers, students and the support from our wonderful community. Our teachers always go above and beyond what is expected and will continue to do so if supported. The challenges ahead I believe will be budget issues. We will need to develop a budget that can take care of our students needs but also be fiscally responsible.
  • Jon Mooneyham - "Our greatest strength is the many opportunities and excellence we offer through our Academic Programs, Music, Theatre or Sports. All of which is a direct result from having a lot of community support from teachers and parents alike. The greatest challenge will be to continue to maintain these opportunities as we grow as a community." 
  • Lori Lancaster Redwine - The greatest strength is the entire staff of Pleasant Hill School district and community that believe in the growth and success of students. Our greatest challenge is financial.
  • David Adamczyk - The greatest strength of this district are its people, being the students, teachers staff and parents.  They are dedicated, caring, challenging and wanting to do what is best and being the best.
    The greatest challenge is our fiscal responsibilities to maintain what we have accomplished to this point.  This provide our staff with the resources to challenge our students to be the best they can be, making them ready to step outside into the real world.
    Another challenge we have is to reestablish our vision on future facility needs.


2. Where do you believe the greatest responsibility lies for improving learning? How can the Board of Education better assist this process?

  • Ryan Vescovi - We must continue to retain and hire the best teachers possible. This is the single most important thing we can do to ensure a better learning environment.
  • Jon Mooneyham - "Our schools and teachers have a vital role in our children's educational process, we need to be sure that they have our full support. Our greatest responsibility is to ensure they have whatever is necessary to create the best possible opportunity for a successful learning environment." And they need to know that the Board of Education will work together to make that happen."
  • Lori Lancaster Redwine -How can the Board of Education better assist this process? The greatest responsibility is keeping current with changing technology and maintaining dedicated staff. The Board can assist by being the voice of the people, being open to having conversations, and ideas that make  students successful in society.
  • David Adamczyk - The responsibility for improving learning is a demand on everyone: the students, teachers, parents, school board members and community.  Everyone is involved directly or indirectly.  Obviously, the teachers are on the front line to motivate and present the information to the students where it encourages and instills the desire to learn.  The school board can assist this learning by assuring a positive learning climate in each building and making sure resources are made available to teach our students.



3. How can the Board of Education better communicate with its constituency?

  • Ryan Vescovi -The greatest responsibility of the board is to institute sound board policies, maintain standards for continuous improvements and provide an environment that is conducive to learning so that our kids can achieve their fullest potential.
  • Jon Mooneyham - "The Board can better communicate with it's constituency by providing a clear vision for our District."
             "Make sure we are all promoting healthy, constructive relationships between our staff, teachers, administration and parents alike. So that the most important people in our children's lives (parents/families) continue to have a voice in their local schools, and feel the need and desire to stay involved in their kids' educational process(s)"
  • Lori Lancaster Redwine - By being accessible and approachable to bring the constituency's ideas back to the meetings.
  • David Adamczyk - Our responsibility to the patrons is a top priority.  We need to provide accurate information of activities and events when they occur, using technology, telephone messages, TV and newsletters.  Open communication is the key.  Our goal is simple, doing and providing the best for our students.

4. “Why are you interested in running for the Board of Education?”

  • Ryan Vescovi - To assist in making sound decisions which align with the vision of the community members of Pleasant Hill, in order to assure a high quality education for EVERY child in our community.
  • Jon Mooneyham - "I am passionate about our children's future and the community that we live in. I believe in leading by example, through serving others. I want to see that our schools and our District continue to move forward in the right direction. I bring to this board a wide range of life experience and knowledge. From managing teams, to balancing budgets, working through difficult situations, or bringing people together.  I know that my perspective will help to provide the leadership and guidance which will benefit the Board in making sound decisions for our students and staff. "
  • Lori Lancaster Redwine - Because the youth are our future, this is a way I feel I can contribute.
  • David Adamczyk - I wish to continue my involvement with the students, staff and patrons of our community.  There is a special bond within our schools and community.  I wish to continue in being a part of it, trying to do what is best for our children.  Being the Primary principal for 21 years in our district has given me the knowledge, experience and commitment to help carry on the strong academic excellence that has been established over the years.  I have a lot of pride and dedication in what has happened in the past and I have the determination to see it continue in our schools.