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School LUNCH Menu - All menus are subject to change without notice

Please call Food Service Director, Chelsea Leonard, 816-540-5148 for menu questions or comments. (Variety Milk available daily)


Southwest Foodservice Excellence introduces Nutrislice: an interactive, online way to view your child’s school menus. With Nutrislice, you can:
• View images and descriptions
• View nutrition information for each food
• Filter the menu for specific food allergens
• Access menus with the Nutrislice mobile app!
• Rate foods and see carb counts


Meal Prices:
Extra Milk: 45¢

Primary School / Elementary School
Student Breakfast: $1.45
Adult Breakfast: $1.75
Student Lunch: $2.30
Adult Lunch: $2.90

Intermediate School / Middle School
Student Breakfast: $1.45
Adult Breakfast: $1.75
Student Lunch: $2.40
Adult Lunch: $2.90
High School
Student Breakfast: $1.45
Adult Breakfast: $1.75
Student Lunch: $2.50
Adult Lunch: $2.90


Please click on month, above, to receive take home menu

Menus below are PS, ES and IS. Please click on link above for MS and HS choices

23 Orange chicken; chicken tacos; crispy chicken salad; seasoned broccoli 24 Cheeseburger; beef rotini; turkey & cheese wrap; seasoned peas 25 Country fried steak; corn dogs; crispy chicken wrap; mashed potatoes 26 Pepperoni pizza; grilled ham & cheese; ham & cheese salad; tater tots 27 No school
30 Hamburger; beef & broccoli; crispy chicken wrap; seasoned corn 31 Chicken noodle soup; beefy macaroni; turkey & cheese wrap; green beans 1 Bbq chicken sandwich; chili dogs; crispy chicken wrap; baked beans 2 Beef nachos been & cheese burrito; ham & cheese sub; seasoned corn 3

Chicken patty sandwich; spaghetti & meat sauce; bbq chicken salad; tater tots

6 Breakfast for lunch: breakfast on a stick; sausage, egg & cheese biscuit; crispy chicken salad; hash browns 7 Hot dog; fish nuggets; chef salad; baked beans 8 Beef enchiladas; chicken quesadilla; ham & cheese wrap; seasoned corn 9 Grilled ham & cheese; popcorn chicken; italian chicken salad; mashed potatoes 10 Chicken patty sandwich; cheese pizza; chicken caesar salad; tater tots
13 Hamburger; chicken alfredo; ham & cheese sub; seasoned broccoli 14 PS / ES: Thanksgiving Lunch
Turkey & stuffing; mashed potatoes; green beans; pumpkin bars
15 Bbq chicken sandwich; popcorn chicken; ham & cheese wrap; seasoned corn 16 Macaroni & cheese; mini corn dogs; italian chicken salad; green beans 17 Cheese pizza; spaghetti & meat sauce; bbq chicken salad; tater tots
20 Breakfast for lunch: biscuits & gravy; ham & cheese croissant; turkey & cheese wrap; hash browns 21 Grilled cheese; pulled pork sandwich; crispy chicken salad; baked beans 22 No School - Thanksgiving break 23 No school - Thanksgiving break 24 No school - Thanksgiving break
27 Bbq rib sandwich; orange chicken turkey & cheese wrap; seasoned peas 28 Chicken parmesan; meatball sub; chef salad; seasoned corn 29 Chicken nuggets; corn dogs; turkey & cheese wrap; mashed potatoes 30 Beef nachos; chicken tacos; ham & cheese salad; refried beans   Fresh fruit selection & reduced sugar cereals available daily at breakfast

Menus subject to change